Monday, April 4, 2011

New literature!

(I Love Ham) by snoop

In all the prehistory of man, before time itself began
Hatched a most diabolical plan.
To rule the minds' of sheep
To paint a portrait so bleak
And convince all they were meek.
Told to follow blindly.
Offered not a crumb of what the faith-starved seek
Giving his flock free-will and forsaking them to never free-think.
The shepard commands they live by his word, and threatens infinite tragedy should they be lured.
But for a master of creation, an all-knowing being, what say his desire? Would instead be to set his children free. and not set them on fire.


  1. I was expecting something different from the title, but it turned out to explore some pretty good ideas about religion etc. However it's a shame the writing wasn't that great.

  2. I wrote that when I was insane one night, so.. noted :)

  3. The title is quite weird, but I like the whole text ^^

  4. its pretty good, keep it up

  5. I love literature, however I couldn't take it along with my other subjects :/

  6. like snoopaloop, just a tag i liked, adopted it, play wow with it etc